conversation XVI / 4/12/12

Damián Navarro (*1983, lives and works in Lausanne) in conversation with Samuel Gross (*1976, lives and works in Geneva, Director of Speerstra Foundation)
Two Two

Starting point of the dialogue between Damián Navarro and Samuel Gross is their common fascination for the novels of British writer B.S. Johnson (1933-73), for the French-Russian author Nathalie Sarraute’s (1900-99) concept of 'Tropisme', a physical or linguistic expression caused by a nearly imperceptibly psychic impulse, or for the Native American Edward Two Two (1851-1914) who embodied the perfect illusion of a Sioux Chief in early century Europe. The meandering dialogue of Navarro and Gross questions narrative techniques and its importance in literature as well as in visual art and the appropriation and transformation of found material in the artistic practice.

Tuesday, December 4 2012, 7pm

Nathalie Sarraute. Tropismes. 1939.
B.S. Johnson. Travelling People. 1963.
B.S. Johnson. Albert Angelo. 1964.
B.S. Johnson. The Unfortunates. 1969.