Claudia de la Torre

The Questions Library

In 2013 Claudia de la Torre (*1986, Berlin) started The Questions Library as an ongoing project with the aim of gathering, classifying, and showing books whose titles are phrased as questions. For the project’s 4th edition in Zürich visitors are again invited to donate books containing questions in the title and thus enlarging the library’s stock – now about 500 titles – with their contribution. 

Organised in collaboration with edition fink, Zürich.

21 – 23 April 2017

Opening and book presentation
The Questions Library Catalogue, fink twice 506, Zürich, 2016

Thursday 20 April, 6 pm

Can I send a fax from the library?
Claudia de la Torre in conversation with Roland Früh, head of Kunstbibliothek Sitterwerk, St. Gallen

Friday 21 April, 7 pm

Opening hours
Friday 1–7 pm

Saturday / Sunday 2–6 pm

and by appointment