conversation XXXVI


Ein abendfüllendes Programm mit Auswirkung in die Zukunft. Mit Anja Schori (1983*, CH, lebt und arbeitet in Zürich) und Lukas Mettler (*1979, Art Director, lebt und arbeitet in Zürich und Zug).

Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014, 19h

conversation XXXV

Reto Pulfer (*1981, CH, lives and works in Berlin) in conversation with John Beeson (lives in Berlin; regular contributor to Artforum, Spike Art Quarterly and Texte zur Kunst) 

Who writes makes no art

By using flexible materials such as dyed cloth, thread, paper or wood, Reto Pulfer creates cave- and tent-like structures, which function as spaces for perception and experience. They deal with states and conditions as moments of transition and movement. The artist is currently finishing his first novel. Together with John Beeson, he will discuss the relationship and interdependencies between writing and art-making  because: „Writing means not making art, but in the same way to find more precise articulations than by making art.”

Talk in English

Wednesday, 21 May 2014, 7 pm

Reto Pulfer’s work is part of the group show Kill All Monsters at art space Klingental Basel, opening Saturday, May 24, 6pm. Exhibition May 24 – June 29.