conversation XLII

27.2. Benoît Maire (*1978, lives in Paris) in conversation with Daniel C. Barber (Philosopher, fellow at the ICI Berlin, author of Deleuze and the Naming of God and On Diaspora, 2011)

One with no mediation

The activities of French artist, philosopher and curator Benoît Maire are situated in between artistic research practices and philosophical considerations − transforming postmodern theory into possible concrete forms is part of his investigations. He often approaches the physical world with odd measuring instruments and small tools called weapons, or creates sculptural situations. Currently his work is part of the exhibition UnendlicheBibliothek at the Alte Fabrik Rapperswil (until 29.3.).

At Le Foyer, Benôit Maire and philosopher Daniel C. Barber, whose current work is on the logic of conversion, will discuss the question What’s a decision? in a performative setting. The artist’s hybrid objects will function as mediating tools during the conversation, which will question his personal system of decided objects (from transformed materials) and waste (undecided pieces, residue from decisions, indexed by a word or a sticker), the distinction of an object from discard as well as the reuse of materials in a general sense. The discursive arrangement at Le Foyer might lead to a discussion, or perhaps end up in just a situation.

Friday February 27th 2015 7.30 pm. Talk in English.

 Benoît Maire, Letre, detail of the installation, 2014. 
(photo: Sven Laurent)