conversation XXXVIII

Sofia Hultén (*1972, SWE, lives and works in Berlin) in conversation with James Langdon (independent designer, co-director Eastside Projects gallery, founder School for Design Fiction, lives and works in Birmingham) 

Matter is Plastic in the Face of Mind

Found relics and discarded ordinary objects make up the principal materials for Sofia Hultén’s sculptural and performative practices, for instance, fragments of a van, old jeans and industrial lifting slings in her current exhibition at RaebervonStenglin. By including them in activities such as destructing, re-arranging or leading the initial purpose of everyday objects ad absurdum, narrative potentials emerge.
At Le Foyer, Sofia Hultén and James Langdon will discuss approaches to the layering of reality in, around and in-between their practice. Taking the quote "Matter is Plastic in the Face of Mind" from science fiction author Philip K. Dick as a starting point, Hultén developed a performative setting involving a marker pen, jeans, a notebook and a chocolate bar, which was presented during Langdon’s course School for Design Fiction at GfZK Leipzig. Using the genre of design fiction to assert storytelling as the primary function of design, the research project includes topics such as physically permeable time, objects from parallel realities and multiverse theories.

Wednesday, July 16 2014, 7pm

Matter is Plastic in the Face of Mind, 
2014, HD Video with sound, 9:06 min.