Lecture-Perfomance with Garrett Nelson (*1982, USA/CH)
Saturday May 2nd 2015 6.30 pm

this performance lecture is fuelled by ideas of poetics and identity.
i'm thinking about socks that are geometric paintings, chairs that are deleuzian folds of queer identity and performances that are generated by new labor paradigm shifts. also the performances of silence that come from that. the ones that respond to abjection with resistance.

i'm thinking about the space between subject and object: sensation.

i'm thinking about new words that are about life and death in virtual spaces.

i'm thinking about seeing one thing somewhere and then seeing it everywhere.

i'm thinking about curtains not drapes.

i'm thinking about being romantic without being sentimental.


then sontag wrote in her notebook, what if everything were the same but no one talked.

Garrett Nelson (1982, USA/CH) is a Basel based artist from the Midwest. 
As a writer, visual artist, and occasional filmmaker Nelson uses referential impulse, theoretical or historical research, literature and poetics as a basis for installation and performance. Recent exhibitions and performances include, The Sunken Living Room, Taylor Macklin Zürich, The Future Myth, Oslo10 Basel 2015, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Bone Festival for Performance Art, Stadtgalerie Bern, Canary Comfortable: Special Island Issue, Die Diele Zürich and Sinop Biennial 2014, Turkey. Collaborative curatorial projects include —The Traveling Artist, Budapest, Vienna & Basel, 2011 —The State of Making Things la rada Locarno, 2013.
His forthcoming book of prose poetry will be published with Pyramid Press Basel in 2015. 

 Photo: Gunnar Meier
Francis Bacon Stool, installation view The Future Myth 2015, OSLO10, Basel